Sensing Earth Exhibition

Sensing Earth Exhibition
Kestle Barton Gallery, Manaccan – September 2011
‘24 000’
Ink on recycled paper

When we look inside a tree through a microscope, it is possible to see that it is composed, like us, of networks of cells and veins, channelling life through its body. ‘24 000’ is a hand-drawn work depicting the cellular structure of a twig from a tree, revealing its inner structure. The drawing was created to visualise the figure 24 000, the number of hectares of forest that disappear each day. Lucy learnt this staggering statistic and wanted to visualise and come to terms with the scale of land that is being deforested in a visual way. The drawing is a celebration of the pattern of growth of these trees, as well as a meditation and reflection on the scale of loss.

Sensing Earth Exhibition
Falmouth, September 2011
‘Passage Through Trees’
Handmade charcoal on handmade paper

The installation ‘Passage Through Trees’ reveals what can be discovered from looking closer at the trees that grow around an area near to Wood Lane and Fox Rosehill park in Falmouth. The installation presents a re-imagined map of the trees, celebrating their diversity and opening a space to consider their presence around us.

Inside the gallery the walls are covered with paper and charcoal, so when standing in the space you are surrounded by the materials of trees. Embedded subtly in the paper are traces of oak, eucalyptus, maidenhair, myrtle, tulip and himalayan dogwood, six of the trees that grow outside.

Catching the light are subtle embossings of the leaves and charcoal drawings of their microscopic cellular structures usually hidden within their bark exterior. Magnifying glasses sit between the walls to encourage others to look closer themselves and discover a new experience of sensing the trees.
A hand-held map accompanies the show that leads people to engage with the trees as they are growing in the land outside.

(detail) 24 000 . Ink drawing on recycled paper . 2011

(detail of work in progress) Drawn by hand, this work is created cell-by-cell.

24 000 . Ink drawing on recycled paper . 2011

(Installation View) Passage through Trees . 2011

(Detail) Microscopic drawing of oak and eucalyptus tree cellular structures . Charcoal on black paper handmade from discarded material and Bideford Black pigment . 2011

(Detail) Embossed myrtle tree leaf . White paper handmade from discarded material . 2011